Friday, August 15, 2014

Back to School with iPads

Guest Blogger:  Ben Friesen
Director of iOS Professional Development | EdTechTeam

The EdTechTeam is excited to be launching new PD opportunities for iPad teachers with the same high-energy, fast-paced, and fun style of other EdTechTeam events. You can check out more of the information at and see the growing list of iOS events.  We have events set in Texas, Minnesota and New Zealand but will be adding more soon.  

As you go back to your iPad classrooms there are some important things to consider when working in a digital environment.  It is important to establish routines, especially with how to turn in digital assignments.  Check out this handy workflow guide that was created in the Hopkins Public Schools to support the 1:1 iPad initiative.  Students don't do well with long sets of wordy instructions and teachers are sometime overwhelmed with all the options. Establishing standard workflows and posting them in classrooms can help the teachers focus on the content and require the students to take ownership of the process.  

Giving choice with how a student demonstrates their understanding is important and this guide will provide choice while scaffolding the experience and ensuring the teacher gets the assignments. Your examples, apps and workflows might look different based on your system but they will go a long way to support teachers and students working in digital classrooms. 

This is a simple Google Presentation linking out to other presentations.  The links are published and they can be updated behind the scenes as the app interfaces change.  These living workflow guides change as apps are updates, processes are revised or better systems are found.  


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