Monday, July 7, 2014

Visionary Educators (No. 1 in an occasional series)

Recently, at the EdTech Team Wyoming Summit featuring Google for Education, we had the privilege of meeting a number of fantastic Educators. One of which happened to be Fletcher Turcato, the Carbon County School District 1 Superintendent. Upon first meeting Fletcher, I immediately could see his strength, passion, and intensity for his work. In short, he embodied everything I would identify as a Visionary Educator. He shared with the me his background, which included, serving time in the military as well as growing up at the "I-80 Corridor." Both of these key items, are the basis for his style of leadership in his District. Amongst the many things we talked about, the most fascinating was his leadership style which includes:

 1. Doing whatever it takes to provide the kids with the best and most relevant Education possible.
 2. Always staying connecting with the folks working on the "front lines."
 3. Having both compassion and passion for what "we" do so that everybody is properly supported.
 4. Showing such an outward level of enthusiasm that it is highly contagious.

One of the things that really stood out to me was his strong desire to serve his community. Fletcher clearly has strong beliefs in this given his military service and in returning to his community to work as a Principal, and then Superintendent. If you ever have the opportunity to meet him you will notice right away his strong sense of purpose and his enthusiasm for his work. He truly is a community hero and we are very lucky to have spent some time with him at the Summit, as well as have him amongst the ranks of visionary educators.

I look forward to meeting and posting about many other Visionary Educators we meet at our upcoming Summits.


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