Monday, July 14, 2014

The First EdTechTeam Summit in Chile and its Domino Effect

The First EdTechTeam Summit in Chile and its Domino Effect

Monica Isabel Martinez, M.Ed.
Director of Professional Development for Latin America and Southern US, EdTechTeam
It’s always exhilarating to witness and partake in the gathering of educators at conferences. This is where collaborative ideas and enthusiasm most often collide in one space and with great intensity. This past May, I was in the midst of precisely that synergy at the first EdTechTeam Summit in Chile Featuring Google in Education. I am delighted to report that, months later, the momentum is still growing.

Nestled in the heart of Chile’s political and economic capital, this two-day event was held in the beautiful campus of Santiago College. From inspiring keynotes like Dr. Chris Craft’s “Four Chairs” to insightful presentations, EdTechTeam provided a bilingual format that allowed both English and Spanish speakers the opportunity to enrich their professional development. c

Drawing participants from private, local, and international schools, every session was brimming with excitement and eagerness to learn. The diversity of the participants provided a platform for engaging conversations around technology integration and student success. Furthermore, attendees learned from expert presenters that shared resources, best practices, and classroom implementation strategies.

The goal of these conferences is not only to share ideas and resources, but to inspire. The upcoming endeavors launching throughout the country are a testament to the commitment made by these educators to innovate their practices. Next month (Aug. 29 - 30), EdTechTeam will host the first Google Apps for Education Trainer Bootcamp, designed to prepare educators for becoming “Authorized Google Education Trainers”. Once certified, these facilitators will work with teachers on effectively implementing the use of technology into their classrooms via Google tools. In October, I will be presenting at the annual ExpoEnlaces 2014 further spearheading these efforts with our partners at the Ministry of Education of Chile (MINEDUC). Future events will include EdTechTeam’s iOS Summit, and the second EdTechTeam Summit in Chile Featuring Google in Education.

My goal is to help build capacity for training all teachers in Chile on how to elevate their teaching practice so that it is focused on student empowerment, engagement, self-discovery, and for creating future-ready learning spaces. During these visits, I will be collaborating with schools and their partners with the goal of further expanding these efforts.

These events would not be possible without the support from our partners and hosts in Chile. A special thank you to Jessica Allen from Santiago College and all of her staff that helped us in the process of setting up the conference. Likewise, I would like to thank all of the presenters for taking the time to prepare and share their ideas and resources. We would also like to thank Naomi Arnold from Google who provided sponsorships to many educators in order to attend the conference, and who continues to push forth these efforts in Latin America.

It has been a pleasure to work with this group of educators, and I’m looking forward to a continued collaboration to not only advance education in Chile, but to impact the world.

Hasta Pronto!


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