Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Using Google to Change One Classroom at a Time

Guest Blogger Anne Schaefer-Salinas
Napa 1:1 Institute Summit Attendee

By presenting at EdTechTeam's Napa 1:1 Institute, it gave me more confidence to work with both my teachers and the teachers and Tech Director at our neighboring elementary school. We did a Saturday 3 hour Google intensive workshop that gave our teachers the power to streamline their mail, organize their Drive, and implement Forms and Google Hang-Outs. We also spent time showing them how to set-up Blogger and Sites and talked about some great uses for them in the classroom.

 In addition, the elementary school attendees left really pumped-up to begin implementing Google Apps for Education (GAFE) on their campus. However, what I am most proud of as a take-away from the summit was that I am now in the process of collaborating with my son's teacher (he's in 2nd grade) to help compile a map for his class using Map Engine Lite (saw it demo-d during the Slam session).

 My son's class just finished completing family history projects that they spent several months working on. I am building a map for them based on where they were born along with one parent and one grand-parent. The teacher and I are really excited to see the kids' faces when we put the map up on the board for all of them to see visually just how diverse their class is and how they each ended up where they are now.

 I NEVER would have been able to do this without going to GAFE. My motto: Learn, Share, Repeat.

Want more 1:1 action? Hang out in New Jersey this July at our 1:1 Summit!


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