Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Journey to Being a Google Educator

Guest Blogger Hope Mulholland
EdTechTeam New England 
Summit Attendee

My experience using Google in the classroom all started last year. I ran an after school Bring Your Own Device program where the students explored what apps and programs can be used across multiple devices. One of the apps that the students fell in love with was Google Drive. They were soon collaborating at home, and I started incorporating what we had learned into my classroom lessons. 

 I worked with our school Technology Coordinator as we became a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) district with our own domain and deployed Chromebooks in the school. As part of my own learning, I attended the New England Bootcamp and Summit. That experience was one of the best professional experiences I have ever had. Not only did I learn the nuts and bolts I needed to use GAFE effectively, but also innovative ways to incorporate them into my classroom.

 I was even able to visit the Boston Google offices. Since returning from the New England Summit featuring Google for Education, I have started offering Professional Development to my colleagues. I have led several sessions for other teachers who are getting started using Chromebooks and GAFE in the classroom. I also facilitated my first ever conversation at an EdCamp. Being at the Summit inspired me to take the Google Educator exams and apply to the Google Teacher Academy. 

 My tips to anyone who is interested in becoming a Google Educator include:

1. Attend a Bootcamp and Summit
2. Study the courses on (especially the advanced courses)
3. Leave yourself the full 90 minutes for the exams

Learning is a daily part of my life and this has been a great year of growth for me as a teacher. I hope to continue at this year’s Google Teacher Academy. 


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