Monday, May 19, 2014

The First Fifty EdTechTeam Summits - By The Numbers

In early 2012 a small team of passionate educational technologists came together with the purpose of producing a “Google in Education Summit” in Google’s own backyard, the silicon valley of California, a place with more Google Certified Teachers than anywhere else in the world. Very soon they realized that the event they were planning was something special and would benefit teachers in many other regions… and the decided to “take the show on the road.” The result was the EdTechTeam Summit featuring Google for Education.

Then, over a period of 21 months, the EdTechTeam produced 50 summits serving 16,624 educators from 4272 educational institutions, in 15 countries, with sessions in 7 languages, on 6 continents… with 1 goal: to empower and inspire educators to make the future better using the best technology and pedagogy available.

Educators all around the world have experienced a “mind blowing,” “life changing,” and “downright fun” event often evaluated as “the best professional development of my career.” Self described geeky educators have said “I didn’t know what I didn’t know.” Beginners and technophobes have have shared a “positive hands-on experience” - and been “encouraged” by their ability to use these tools with their students. New teachers have changed the course of their careers and near-retirees have been reinvigorated and excited about their remaining years. Educational leaders have found new ways to motivate and inspire… while technical leaders have found the answers and support they needed to make all of this possible at their schools. Every participant has been invited to “Dream Out Loud” and become “Architects of the Possible” as they become co-conspirators in a new learning movement. #gafesummit

Everyone at the EdTechTeam is sincerely grateful to have been a part of the experience… and they want to thank each participant for buying tickets and being a part of the journey.

Ticket sales have also allowed us to give away seven class sets of Chromebooks (or Nexus 7s)... with three more class sets going out this quarter - and more to come. Each class set has been put in the hands of a teacher launching a 1:1 pilot with his or her students. Each pilot has been explicitly focused on providing engaging, inquiry-driven, context-embedded, collaborative, and reflective learning experiences for students… with a particular focus on creating, making, and doing. We are grateful to have been able to empower the teachers and students involved in this grant program as well. Thank you.

We've produced another 4 summits in the past month, and we are now on pace to connect even more educators in 2014, with over 50 summits scheduled for this year alone (yes, that's one a week - or more some months). Whether you’ve been to a summit before, or have yet to be, we hope to see you at one of these special events in the coming months. See you soon at the summit!

Interested in hosting a summit in your region? Let us know!


  1. What an amazing story. So proud to be part of it!

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