Wednesday, October 9, 2013

There Is So Much Power In Sharing

It's a pretty magical time in education these days. I am reminded just how awesome so many of our teachers are and just how much time and energy is put into the daily flow. The idea of working smarter and not harder and freeing up teacher time, by leveraging the technology and specifically Google's tools into their classrooms inspires me often.

And this is why I love the Google in Education Summits, produced by EdTechTeam. An amazing array of teachers from different regions, backgrounds, and content areas come together and share, learn, inquire, and try new and amazing things in their classrooms. Time after time folks are walking away inspired and more confident than ever that this is the time to change or add to their classrooms, their delivery models, and their strategies.

In the coming weeks and months, I will be trying to do a better job of capturing some of this awesomeness of sharing and learning; by way of this blog and through the use of feeds and social media tools like Storify, Vine, Instagram, etc.

For now, I would like to share a resource from one of the first sessions I was ever able to attend at one of these summits, shared courtesy of my friend and colleague, Chris Bell25+ Ways to Use Google Tools for Online & Blended Learning  Attending this session allowed me to step back for a moment and truly reflect on the value add of something as simple as timely feedback. As Chris pointed out that day, if feedback was tightened up and informal communication increased, the online asynchronous siloed teacher/student relationships could be a thing of the past.

Thank you to everyone who has led, attended, or lurked from afar in one of the sessions over the past 16 months. There is real power in sharing and when we can leverage face to face events and still have access to the resources later on, the learning truly never stops. Sharing something that you learned, tried, or want to know more about, models a passionate; launch, reflect, and iterate model so many of us want for our kiddos.

I will continue to share and learn long side many of you. Thank you for that opportunity.