Friday, February 1, 2013

Autumn Through the Eyes of a Child

By Second Grade Teacher Julie Stewart

We set out one afternoon before fall break to take in the beauty of the autumn colors.  Our weather was changing fast, and we needed to get outside and snap some pictures before all of the leaves ended up on the ground.  Because we did not have a fancy tablet cover for our Nexus 7 tablets, taking them outside was something that we were a bit nervous about doing.  Our technology teacher, Beth Mossholder, came to class with a solution...Rubber bands!  You heard it right.  We could do this inexpensively and make it work!  Each child was given a rubber band and instructed to attach it to the tablet by slipping their non-writing/typing hand through the rubber band on the back of the Nexus 7.  It worked beautifully!  It was quick and secure, so we could venture outside the classroom and begin our autumn photo safari around the school grounds.  As they made their way outside, I could hear conversations about what they would take pictures of, how they were going to do it, and how they would help each other.  We were ready for our adventure!

Three Simple Steps For a Successful Autumn Photo Safari
1.  Add a rubber band and you are instantly ready to take pictures almost hands-free.
2.  Head outside to capture the beauty of autumn with a Nexus 7 tablet.
3.  Share photos with the teacher.

I have to say that the camera on the Nexus 7 tablet did a great job and did not disappoint anyone.  Even though this tablet just has a front facing camera, a student discovered that by holding it over your shoulder or off to the side, you could see the picture that you were taking.  It is not as good as having the added feature of a rear facing camera, but it worked and they got some really good pictures.  We headed back inside and shared photos and photography tips!  There was even time for peer-to-peer teaching.   One of my “expert” students showed the rest of the class a faster way to view their pictures.   (I loved how they  actually listened and had questions for her at the end!)

Autumn through the eyes of a child and a Nexus 7 tablet!  I do believe that their photo safari was a success!