Sunday, August 5, 2012

EdTechTeam Donating Nexus 7 Tablets for Students!

During our initial planning discussions in preparation for the Google Apps for Education Summits, our team committed to donating a percentage of the net income from each event directly to classrooms - specifically to put internet connected devices into the hands of students. Happily, Google has recently released the Nexus 7, the next generation Android tablet in a student-friendly 7 inch form factor - for only $199. We've now committed to donating 24 Nexus 7 tablets to a classroom. We're working with our sponsors and others to make this a full class set of 30 or more devices in the coming weeks.

Google is only positioning these devices as consumer products at this point, but the EdTechTeam believes they have great potential for student use and would love to see how an innovative teacher facilitates this - and we'd love to learn more about what challenges this might present. We'd most like to see these placed in a 1:1 pilot program (either at the elementary level, or for a single class at the secondary level) that allows students to take the devices home with them on a daily basis. So... what would you do with a class set of Nexus 7 Tablets? Write up your proposal and then submit it via this form:

Be sure to describe how students might use the devices in your class, and what you'll do to facilitate student use of the devices for inquiry and creation. On August 21, 2012 we'll select the winner of the first class set. 

If you're not selected for funding by us, we encourage you to develop an account on, where anyone else can fund your proposals! We see this as a way to empower teachers to seek funding for far more classes than we could ever fund ourselves. If you setup your proposal on DonorsChoose, please use the form above to let us know, too. You can promote your proposal anywhere - and we'll help spread the word! Please let us know if you have any questions about this. We look forward to seeing your proposals, helping to make them happen, and hearing about the impact these devices make in your classes.

BONUS: iBallz has generously offered to provide iBallz Minis for every Nexus 7 we give away!

UPDATE 2012/08/21: Three finalists have been chosen, and more information has been requested from them. All other applicants have been notified as well. The form above is no longer accepting submissions. We will launch a new application as soon as we are able. :)


  1. I hate that I missed this. Congrats to the lucky students in the winning classroom!

  2. I am on that giant "Google" cloud in the sky! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share technology with my students with these Nexus 7 tablets. They are going to go places they never imagined as they explore and learn beyond the classroom. I am one happy teacher! Thanks EdTechTeam!

  3. A very special thanks to Ed Tech Team for providing this opportunity. I have been waiting to bring this type of opportunity to my students. These devices will help my students use the cloud for collaborative 21st century learning. Can't thank you guys enough! It's great that you are spreading the benefits of GAFE... it's a great service.

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  5. it looks very interesting may be the price is quite affordable

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