Thursday, July 19, 2012

No Account Needed to Complete a Google Form

If you are like me, than you know that Google Forms are the best thing since sliced bread. A check for understanding from students, a parent survey, a workshop evaluation, a classroom walk-through...well, the list is endless for what you can do with a form.  What is even better is that the end user does not need a Google account to actually fill out the form.  Isn't that great?!  You simply provide a link to your form and you can begin collecting data. You can send the link via email, you can embed the form on a site, or you can even use social media such as Google+ or twitter to share the link.  As long as your form is accepting responses, just about anyone with an internet connection can complete the form. Google Forms Rock!

You can find out even more about Google Forms at the Google Apps for Education Rocky Mountain Summit on August 2 & 3 in colorful Colorado.  Join us!

EdTechTeam Donating Nexus 7 Tablets to Teachers!

During our initial planning discussions in preparation for the Google Apps for Education California Summit, our team committed to donating a percentage of the net income from the event directly to classrooms - specifically to put internet connected devices into the hands of students. We debated for some time whether these should be iPod Touches (because the $199 price point allows us to reach more students - and because their size means students will use them more) or perhaps Chromebooks (since these were the focus of the event). Happily, Google has since released the Nexus 7, the next generation Android tablet in a student-friendly 7 inch form factor - for only $199. We've now committed to donating 12 Nexus 7 tablets to a classroom. We're working with our sponsors and others to make this a full class set of 30 or more devices in the coming weeks.

Google is only positioning these devices as consumer products at this point, but the EdTechTeam believes they have great potential for student use and would love to see how an innovative teacher facilitates this - and we'd love to learn more about what challenges this might present. We'd most like to see these placed in a 1:1 pilot program (either at the elementary level, or for a single class at the secondary level) that allows students to take the devices home with them on a daily basis.

So... what would you do with a class set of Nexus 7 Tablets? 

Write up your proposal on, and send us the URL of your proposal via the form below. Be sure to describe how students might use the devices in your class, and what you'll do to facilitate student use of the devices for inquiry and creation. On August 21, 2012 we'll select the winner of the first class set. And bonus... if you're not selected for funding by us, you'll already be setup on, where anyone else can fund your proposal! We see this as a way to empower teachers to seek funding for far more classes than we could ever fund ourselves. 

Here are a few simple steps to get you started:*

Step 1. Create a account here:

Step 2. Setup a project on describing how you would use a class set of Nexus 7 tablets. Be specific about how students might use the device in your class. Also, be sure to price out the tablets (and any cases or other accessories you might need). You can learn more about the Nexus 7 here: 

Step 3. Send us the URL of your project by filling out this form here: 

Step 4. Start promoting your project elsewhere! Anyone can fund it, not just us!

Please let us know if you have any questions about this project. We look forward to seeing your proposals on DonorsChoose, helping to fund them, and hearing about the impact these devices make in your classes.

On behalf of the Google Apps for Education California Summit Planning Team (Chris Bell, Wendy Gorton, Jim Sill, Molly Schroeder, Lisa Thumann, Sean Williams, and myself), thank you to everyone who attended the summit and make this possible.


UPDATE - iBallz has generously offered to provide iBallz Minis for every Nexus 7 we give away! So, there is no need to include the price of a case with your grant proposal on!

*UPDATE - It's come to our attention that the Nexus 7 is not in any of the DonorsChoose catalogs and that it may not work for new members of DonorsChoose to apply for grants outside the pre-approved catalogs. So, we have modified the form in step 3 above to allow you to describe your project directly on your form. If you are new to DonorsChoose (or do not yet have an account), this is probably the best option for you: proceed directly to step three and fill out the form. We can fund a request directly and we don't want DonorsChoose to hold anyone back. (That being said, we still believe it's a great tool for connecting donors and teachers, and we encourage you to join on your own to request other donations!)