Thursday, June 7, 2012

Which Way To Navigate?

Did you know that there is a semi-hidden feature in Google Sites that will allow you to change the page navigation from vertical to horizontal?  While we love the ease with which you can put a site together and have all the pages linked automatically, there are those of us who like the flexibility of changing the navigation up a bit.

To access this feature in sites you need to do the following...
  • You can start by either editing your Sidebar or selecting the More button on the top right side of your site and choosing Manage Site
  • Select Site Layout text on the left and then the Change Site Layout button
  • In the middle of the window, you will need to check the box for Horizontal Navigation Bar and click OK

  • Your next step will be to delete Navigation that is found under sidebar unless you would like both vertical and horizontal navigation

  • Manually adding the pages you want in the navigation bar is the next step and you do that by selecting the Edit Horizontal Nav Content

  • Select the Add Page text and choose the page you would like to have visible.  Repeat for all pages.  You can also Add URL to insert a link into the navigation bar
  • The final step is to choose either Boxes, Tabs or Links found under Style in the same window and then click on OK
  • You can select the Preview button to view your new look and then Save to accept the changes

All in all this gives you a little more flexibility with the navigation on your site.

To learn more of these tips and tricks, attend one of the many Google Apps for Education Summits coming to a city near you.


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