Friday, June 22, 2012

Google Voice for Educators

Google Voice is a free service that works on Android, iPhone, and Blackberry devices. Some of the features that are offered by Google Voice are:

  • One number. Make calls and send text messages from your Google Voice number.
  • Voicemail transcription. Voicemails are automatically transcribed to text so you can read them like email.
  • Free text messages. Send and receive text messages to numbers in the US and Canada for free.
  • Cheap international calls Make low-priced international calls directly from your mobile device.
  • Integration. Google Voice integrates with your device's native address book or Google Contacts.
  • Custom greetings. Set up different greetings for different callers.

Teachers can use a Google Voice number for parents without giving away their primary phone number. You can also easily create custom voicemail greetings for parents and a different greeting for students.  Educators can even put a call widget for a Google Voice number on their website!

Recently Google Voice added another feature: two new groups for sorting callers into people in your address book and anonymous callers. This lets you further fine tune how you sort your calls.

Ready for more with Google Voice? Point your phone to

Then come to the Google Voice Session at the California Google Apps Summit!


  1. Great stuff! Here's one of my teacher's talking about how she uses Google Voice in her classroom.

    1. Hi Kern, thanx for sharing the vid. It's useful to see how the app may be used in actual education

  2. Great stuff Kern! Love it - thanks for sharing!

  3. Here's another great post on using Google Voice with students, from Jen Roberts:

  4. I'm actually looking forward to Voice going for occupation-based updates, like putting tools dedicated for teachers to use in and out of the classroom.

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