Thursday, May 31, 2012

There was a time when you had to convince teachers that Youtube had any classroom value.  Don't get me wrong, there has always been a way to incorporate a video or two into a lesson.  Today, it is a whole lot easier with  

The channel was released months ago, but continues to be updated with the latest playlists for all your subjects.  Head over to the site and you will land on a page that features some of the hottest videos for the classroom today.  Tap through the list of featured videos that are hand picked each week from channels like TEDEducation to jump start your week of teaching.
Scroll down a little further and find playlists for all the testable* classes from elementary to high school.  Working with
CUE and teachers like the amazing, James Sanders, Youtube searches their huge vault of videos for videos relevant to subjects like High School: Statistics & Probability. 

The channel doesn't stop at great subject matter playlists, but it also goes into detail on how to get started using Youtube in your classroom. 

Check out the Getting Started tab for a tutorial on how to create and customize your own Channel.  

If you still need inspiration on how to use Youtube, just click on the
Top 10 Ways to Use Youtube.  This list is not only helpful to you, but also to your administration that needs a little more convincing.  

Working with
Teacher and FlipTeaching expert Ramsey Musallam and yours truly, the Types of Videos and Video Production Tips page will help you get a better handle on "feeding the beast".  The tips are there for you to begin uploading your own resource videos for your students and teachers around the world.

In the tools tab, you will find great examples on
Screencasting Hardware and Software and video editors so you can start flipping your classroom in no time. 

Are you creating awesome playlists for your own classroom or school? Click on the Suggest Videos tab and let them know.  Perhaps your playlist will end up on the site and start helping countless teachers from around the world. 

I can help guide you through the process at some of the Google Apps Summits popping up around the world.  Looking to get started sooner than later, join me at the 
CA Google Apps for Education Summit July 12-13th in Santa Clara CA.

* As a video production teacher, I always feel a little left out of the standardized tests. :(

To learn more about YouTube in Education, don't miss the Google Apps for Education Summit produced by EdTechTeam in partnership with Google, coming to a region near you in 2012-2013:


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