Friday, May 11, 2012

Google Groups: Sharing Made Easy

Google Groups as the backbone for your organization's sharing
In the world of Education, sharing a digital copy of a document, survey, presentation, video, calendar or site, can be exhaustingly frustrating when you need to add or remove an individual's permissions. Having to go through and touch every single resource you have shared with a class, just to include or remove an individual makes it even more frustrating. Plus, if you have more than one class or prep the issue is multiplied exponentially.

With Google Groups, that heavy lift is lightened and it is a snap to add or remove permissions quickly and accurately. The reason why this automagic-ness happens is because Google groups have a public email address attached to them. So, when you create a document, file or a folder with that email address ALL group members immediately gain access. This means that when you add an individual to a group, they automagically gain access to ALL the documents, surveys, presentations, videos, calendars and sites without you having to do a thing. Removing these permission is as simple as removing an individual from a group.

To learn more about Google Groups and all the Google Apps for Education, join us at a Google Apps for Education Summit!

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Rocky Mountain Google Apps for Education Summit August 2-3 in Boulder CO.


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  2. Would love to see how schools are using Groups effectively. Want to make some groups that only staff can access but not students. But don't want all staff to ne a part of all groups. Basically want to make contact groups globally and decide who can access based on Organization in the Apps Admin area.

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