Friday, May 4, 2012

Google Docs: Gettin' down with some hyperlinkage

Scrolling infinite number(s) of pages (if pagination is even on) or creating workarounds like "most recent notes on top" should be a practice of the past if you leverage the bookmarks and TOC features in Google Docs. Hyperlinks with and without formatting rules, with easy step by step supports is important for learners.

Here's how the Formatting for Table of Contents works:
Add headings to your document by clicking Format Paragraph styles
for the different chapters, topics, dates, etc. within your document. Next, go to the top of the document, click on insert and then choose table of contents. Voila, you now have hyperlinks to specific headings within your doc. Each item in your table of contents links to the titled sections of your document that use the heading styles

The bookmark feature is great for getting folks back and forth within a document as well. You may not want to change or alter any of your text and  headings, so the formatting and linkage through the table of contents makes less sense.

Inserting bookmarks, allows you to highlight a piece of text and hyperlink it to any particular bookmark. Very useful if you are trying to guide learners through a lesson, or guided sequence of content.  Many digital PLCs, admin teams, coaches, observers etc, need to be abel to capture notes and quickly be able to jump around. Setting bookmarks for each meeting or topic, does that for the user. Another benefit, not often mentioned, is the ability to drop friends, colleagues, students into a particular section of a document as well. The hyperlink will work even when you are not directly inside the document.
  • To create a bookmark in your document, follow these steps:
  • Click where you want to place the bookmark in your document.
  • Click the Insert drop-down menu.
  • Select Bookmark.

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