Thursday, May 10, 2012

Google Calendar Labs

Google Calendar is probably one of the handiest applications out there to help organize our busy lives. But what some of you may have not had time to explore is the additional add-ons that are available to take advantage of.  There are hundreds of user-created add-ons as well as those found in the Calendar Labs itself.  If you open your calendar and navigate under the settings icon to labs you can enable or disable some helpful features.

Some of my favorites include the ability to Add Event Attachments so you can do things like add an agenda to a meeting date or Automatically Decline Events which lets you block time out in your schedule where you will not accept invitations and can get some work or family time in. 

You will also find that browsers like Chrome and Firebox have additional extensions and add-ons you can put to work for you. A simple search will glean many options.

The functionality of Google Calendar is immense and more tips and tricks can be discovered while attending the Google Apps Rocky Mountain Summit located in Boulder, Colorado on August 2 & 3, 2012.


  1. How can I get to this summit? Is there some registration needed?
    Abd agree abobut Google Calendar. If you are constantly logged in Google (as I do), it's a very canvenient app that remambers all the important dates and events for you, while you can concentrate on anything else.

  2. Hi, Juliet. You can register for the summit (and learn more about it) here:

    We are also hosting similar summits in other regions:

    I hope we'll see you at one of the events. :)

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