Tuesday, June 28, 2016

5 Ways to Get Going with the New Expeditions App

Jim Sill
Director of Global Development

1. Get the app for Android: bit.ly/downloadexpeditions
Start playing right away; press and hold an image to highlight a region.

2. Create a narrative for the Expedition to connect the images
Activate wonder with beginner, intermediate, and advanced questions on the Expedition. Climbing El Capitan is great for literature and writing connections.

3. Students and Teachers can take turns being the Guide.
The Pause Button naturally makes your student explorers remove the Cardboard from their face, great for redirecting the whole room.

4. Have Students Create Their Own Expeditions
Using the Street View app, have your students visit your own city to create their own expeditions.

5. Students Getting Dizzy? Use Full Screen

Just remove the device from Cardboard and press the "Full Screen" button.

You can also buy EdTechTeam Cardboard and the FlipOut Viewer with MaxCases! Check them out here.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

10 Tips to Expand Your Teaching with Google Street View

1. Global Views View 360 Photospheres from anywhere in the world!
2. Use Your Phone Click on the Compass icon to view 360 as you turn your phone
3. Google Cardboard Click on the Cardboard Icon to experience the world in 360 Virtual Reality
4. Create Your Own Photospheres Use the Google Street View Camera to create your own Photospheres
5. Share with the Community Upload and contribute your Photospheres to Google Street View
6. Take 360 degree Photos Connect your Spherical Camera to the Google Street View to snap 360 view in one take
7. Travel the World Explore Collections of amazing Google Street View locations around the world
8. See Who's Watching Track how many views you have on your uploaded Street View Photospheres
9. Get Help from Pegman Watch Pegman stitch together your custom photosphere together and then explode!
10. Expand Your Knowledge Use Google Street View as your textbook and connect to any content or subject in your curriculum

Want more? EdTechTeam's Molly Schroeder will be doing a demo of street view LIVE from ISTE 2016. RSVP and watch here!

Friday, June 10, 2016

413 Hours of Professional Development-- Just Another May at EdTechTeam!

Director of Professional Learning

EdTechTeam met some amazing educators during the month of May!

We hosted 44 events in three countries and 16 of the United States in the month of May. 

The events ranged from our Summits in EdmontonNew Orleans and Breckenridge to Certification Bootcamps in Indiana, Texas and Connecticut. We also went into districts with our customized professional development including pd in Canberra, Australia and Scottsdale, Arizona.

We reported a combined 413 hours of professional development on behalf of 56 different Google Certified Trainers

We are looking forward to seeing many of you at our ISTE Booth #2728 in Denver, Colorado later this month.

Ask any one of us about bringing EdTechTeam to your school or district!

Stay tuned for June, which has the most summits in one month we've ever had!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

5 Reasons to Join EdTechTeam Online!

Tracy Purdy
Program Manager
EdTechTeam Online

  EdTechTeam_logo_FNL_Online (1).png
Over the past twelve weeks, I have had the honor to work with 100 educators from 10 different countries in the EdTechTeam Teacher Leader Online Cohort.

Participants completed six different courses as part of the Cohort; Global Collaboration and Community, Project Based Learning, Flipped Learning, Visual Literacy, Assessment and Redesigning the Learning Space. During this cohort, teachers had to push beyond their comfort zone to try new things and question their current practices. The result is a group of leaders who are ready and willing to take chances to help students become the problem solvers of our future. They are ready to spark curiosity, ignite creativity, connect globally, and change education. 

It was an incredible opportunity and I am inspired by the inaugural EdTechTeam Teacher Leader Cohort.  We are excited that we have begun a Sold Out Summer Teacher Leader Cohort and space is filling fast for the Fall Cohort beginning in September.  Join us on this amazing journey with EdTechTeam Online.

To find out more about EdTechTeam Online or to register for the September Cohort go to
5 Reasons You Should Join the September Cohort for EdTechTeam Online
Technology and Creativity: 

This cohort is more than just a place to learn.  It's a place to connect with like minded people from around the world who are excited about the newest trends in teaching today.  In this cohort you will learn how to engage your students better and empower them to want to learn at their own pace, and in their own way.  Want to transform your classroom?  Then this cohort is for you! - Laurie Guyon, 6th Grade ELA Teacher, NY

21st Century Learning Exemplified

I honestly believe this cohort contained the best courses I have taken in my 12 year teaching career.  The courses are quick and keep you busy, but every single project or assignment is directly usable in your classroom.  There were no "papers"... instead, there were projects, articles to comment on, and real-world (classroom) examples to work around.  I highly recommend this cohort to anyone who wants to become a better (21st Century) teacher. -Joe Cernak, 4th Grade Teacher, IL
Amazing Experience
To everyone in this cohort- I came into this course not knowing what to expect, but I came out of it a better educator and lifelong learner with amazing like-minded individuals from around the globe. From Google Hangouts,  to EDpuzzle, to Slack, I've come away with a new tool belt ready to build a new foundation for tomorrow's youth. #keepintouch #wedidit #edteachteamonline  
I loved every course. I agree with those who say the tools and ideas learned could be implemented in the classroom right away. I found the material invigorating. The assignments were challenging. I used all assignments with my class unlike other courses where I created assignments but never used them. I have made connections and developed habits that I will continue beyond these courses. I thought I was knowledgable about tech and trends but now I know so much more. Being part of this cohort changed me as a teacher. Thank you.  -Karen Moulton
One stop PD for Future Learners, Leaders, and Teachers

Our district is focused on many of the areas presented in this course.  It was awesome to have them all in one place with a collection of strong resources and the opportunity to watch or participate in Hangouts with experts and teachers that are shifting the way they teach and students are learning.   I would definitely recommend this cohort and course to any teacher that is looking to expand their use and and understanding of digital tools within the context of best practice and learning.  -Ben Stanerson, Science Teacher, MN

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

10 Google Tools to Try Out This Week

  1. Google Art Project
Explore this database of paintings, artifacts, and sculptures. Create your gallery, compare and contrast paintings, and go on a virtual eld trip.
> Web: www.googleartproject.com
> iOS: goo.gl/vhEEM2
Pro Tip: Use Street View to explore in 360

2. World Wonders
Journey through the wonders of the world via pictures, videos, and get to ground level with street view.

3. Custom Search Engine
Create your own search engine with only sites you’ve deemed credible and educational.
> Go to cse.google.com

4. Constitute Project
Locate the world's constitutions from one site. Search by topic and compare results.
> www.constituteproject.org

5. Digital version of building with LEGOs.

Check out the academy, and sign in to locate your builds.
> www.buildwithchrome.com

6. CS First
Coding club content and resources. You don’t need to know how to program to teach it, learn it or use it.
> www.cs-first.com

7. Docs Story Builder
A web tool for creating stories with friends; add music and text only. Great for writing assignments!
> Web: docsstorybuilder.appspot.com
Pro Tip: Save your link if you don’t log in.

8. App Inventor
Use the ‘+’ symbol to add someone via their Google Account
> Insert
> Comment
> Add the persons email as follows
The user will receive an email and will now have access to comment on this document.

9. Androidify
Create your own Android avatar with this custom tool.
> Share via social media
> Save to use with Slides
> Saves as GIF

10. NIK Collection
Photo editing plug-ins for Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture. Use these tools to make adjustments
to the color and tonality of images.
> Web: www.google.com/nikcollection

Monday, May 23, 2016

First Student Summit Grant in the Books!

Kern Kelley
Director of Student Agency

In 2012 I was invited to present at the Google Teacher Academy in Google’s New York City office. Now known as the Google Certified Innovator Academy, this is a professional development opportunity for educators from around the world. At the event, educators receive learning from teachers and Googler's. I was thrilled to be involved and wanted to share the experience with my students. I asked the Google in Education team if I could bring them to present with me and they enthusiastically agreed.

Since that time, my long term goal has always been to work with students, teaching and providing experiences for them to give back to the educational community. We called these students Tech Sherpas. A helpful guide for anyone who needs it. During the years my students and I have produced a live technology support show and presented at hundreds of conferences. That work has culminated into a book that will be published soon.


The lessons and activities found in this book are designed for educators to teach students about Google Apps for Education. Ultimately, these students will go on to teach others, learning throughout the process. This dream came to fruition at the EdTechTeam Student Summit in Dallastown Intermediary School.
While no one knows what will come next, we do know that whatever happens, these students are prepared for anything.

We will be back next Tuesday at 3:00 EST

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

10 Ways You Can Make the Web More Accessible

1. Read&Write for Google

Make files and the web accessible for those with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, struggling readers & writers, and ESL/ELL. Supports multiple le types:

- Google Docs
- ePub
- Kes

Link to Install: http://goo.gl/Q2qXIv

2. Visor

Screen dimmer and reading aid, may help with fluency, eye-strain, concentration and comprehension while reading.

Link to install goo.gl/UZEQQH

3. “Ok Google”

Search by voice
> Go to www.google.com and click on mic
> Download the app

Android: goo.gl/1MV0qL
iOS: goo.gl/KkWq0d

4. Crafty Text

This extension allows the user's text to be displayed on screen on top of a web page in large type.

Install to Chrome: goo.gl/z0alBM

5. Chrome Extensions by Google

Accessibility extensions you can add to Chrome (all made by Google).

-High Contrast
-Image Alt Text Viewer
-Long Descriptions in Context Menu
-Caret Browsing

Link to List: goo.gl/27zLNu

6. YouTube Features

-Add caption tracks to your video files. Captions help deaf and hard of hearing viewers or for
speakers of different languages.
-Activate subtitles on YouTube videos:
> Click on the gear just below your video
> Subtitles > Select Language or Off
-Transcript Option

Go to YouTube.com > Select your video> More > Transcript

7. Google Hangouts

A free video conferencing tool that lets up to 15 people connect, chat, share their desktops, and more.
> Hangout landing page: hangouts.google.com

8. Docs Voice Typing

Use your voice to type, edit and customize your doc.

> For set up and voice commands go to: goo.gl/O6GEy3

9. Drive iOS App Features

Google Drive works with the VoiceOver accessibility feature on iPhone/iPad.

> Go to Settings > Select General > Tap Accessibility
> Press VoiceOver and change its status to "On"

10. More Resources

Full list: goo.gl/rSwx1B
Google: www.google.com/accessibility/products